No Hidden Fees. No Billing Surprises. No Overage Charges.
Sunday Streams does not charge overages, and instead we have a very client-friendly way to transition you into a more suitable package. The goal of our policy is to assure our clients that they do not need to worry about hidden fees, billing surprises, or overages.

Over 95% of our clients have their live streaming needs met with our $49/month or $79/month live streaming packages. Most of our clients don't pay a penny more than $49/month! However, as shown in the graph below, we have affordable larger packages as too.

Sunday Streams Pricing Promises
  • You won't pay a penny more than the package you are on. No hidden fees!

  • Your package won't change until after we reach out to you about upgrading. No billing surprises!

  • You can exceed your package limits before we reach out to you. No worries!

Example of a $49/month to $79/month Client-Friendly Transition

Suppose you were on the $49/month package that comes with 250 GB of bandwidth and 100 GB of storage space. As shown in the chart below, suppose that in January you used 250 GB of bandwidth and 100 GB of storage space, and in February you used 400 GB bandwidth and 125 GB of storage space, and in March you used 550 GB of bandwidth and 150 GB of storage space. With this type of usage history we would likely reach out to you in March about upgrading to our $79/month package, and per our pricing promises you wouldn't pay a penny more than $49/month in January, February, or March! Please contact us if you have any questions about estimating the costs of your current or future needs.

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